Keeping your people safe and your operations running.

SSI Energy is a provider of highly skilled medics and technicians to the energy industry (oil & gas and renewable sectors, both onshore and offshore).

SSI Energy focuses on the safe and cost effective delivery of service with the quality of its manpower and equipment at its heart. SSI Energy is enabled by the Management and Executive Team who have over 150 years combined medical, maritime and offshore experience ensuring its clients are supported throughout the service delivery.




Following a recent event when the SSI Energy medic saved the life of a cardiac arrest technician, Jason Welch (North & Central Europe Services Director at GE Power & Water), said…

This was an excellent outcome for the patient and proves exactly why we make the investment in SSI Energy's services. This type of serious incident could happen at any time and to have specialist help on site really saves lives

Jason Welch, North & Central Europe Services Director at GE Power & Water
Jason Welch, North & Central Europe Services Director at GE Power & Water

SSI Energy deployed two medics on the Bibby Wavemaster's inaugural project on the Galloper Offshore Wind Farm for 6 months. The project was a tremendous success with the medics performing brilliantly in a dual role on board the vessel. Not only did they perform their medical duties in an exemplary fashion, they quickly established their secondary duties including H&S audits and inductions, on board training of the crew and marine coordination of the numerous CTVs coming to and from the vessel.

The medics were backed up by the SSI Operations team and Topside Doctors and whilst the medic was able to deal with the numerous day to day minor ailments without referring to the SSI shoreside doctor, when support was requested the SSI system worked seamlessly with their Topside specialist doctors authorising the medic to treat. Despite having a significant number of technicians on board throughout a particularly harsh Winter, having the medics on board meant that we did not have to repatriate any medical patients as they were all treated on board. This represented a significant cost saving as if we had had to return one of our or our client's key crew or team members to shore the project would in all likelihood have to have been paused until a qualified replacement was mobilised. By dual rolling the medics in this industry leading fashion, SSI have gone a long way to offsetting the cost of having one of their highly skilled medics on board - instilling all the embarked personnel with a high degree of confidence that their well being and safety were always at the forefront of Bibby Management's minds. We very much look forward to working with SSI Energy on our next project.

Stephen Bolton, Managing Director, Bibby Marine Services
Stephen Bolton, Managing Director, Bibby Marine Services