Peru Hovercraft Project

SSI Energy hovercraft project

Showing the diversity of SSI Energy, we are currently providing a former Royal Marines hovercraft instructor for Peru Government trials and training. This is the second task for this client, the first being in Lagos, Nigeria for trials and instruction with the Nigerian Navy. 

SSI Energy hovercraft project checks

Preflight checks of the Underskirt

SSI Energy deployed a hovercraft pilot to Peru on the 3rd December to carry out trials, a capability demonstration and driver (pilot) training on a Griffon Hoverworks 995 hovercraft. The hovercraft was shipped from the UK and unloaded in Peru, our pilot instructor helped unload and then assemble the hovercraft on site. Our Instructor is not only the Pilot but also maintains the hovercraft during the project.  The project is a Peru Government sponsored outreach mission for local communities and due to last for the next 10 days in the Nueva Vida region. 

To see the hovercraft in action, click here.

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