SSI coronavirus screening centre

SSI Partners with Texo to Provide Coronavirus Screening Stations

We have recently formed a strategic partnership with Texo Accommodation, part of Texo Group of companies, to deliver modular Coronavirus screening stations in the UK.

The partnership will combine our range of Covid-19 screening and testing services with Texo Accommodation’s range of flexible, modular buildings which offer high-quality, rapidly deployed welfare facilities.

We have developed screening and testing services delivered by qualified medical personnel, which includes the Covid-19 Rapid testing kit. This detects IgG and IgM antibodies, which detects if a person has had coronavirus and has since recovered and takes 10 minutes to complete.

The SSI Energy/Texo modular Coronavirus screening stations will be targeted at sites of Critical National Infrastructure such as ports, airports and heliports, logistics centres and major construction sites where people are required to go to work to deliver essential services in the UK.

The modular concept is designed and manufactured by Texo Accommodation partner, ELA Container, the German modular building specialist. ELA has delivered a number of placements of modular systems in the UK and Europe to support customers during the Covid19 pandemic.

One of our directors, Jules Rawles, says “There is a clear need to ensure the safety of all people who are required to go to work and screening and testing is an essential part of this. The facilities required to offer this service are best offered outside of the premises which is why this partnership is particularly effective.”

Richard Lamb, Managing Director of Texo Accommodation, said: “The situation around working practices and the pandemic has been fast moving and requirements on how to work safely have been changing just as quickly.

“This partnership reflects the need to provide robust and accurate screening and testing to prevent the spread of Covid-19, while also meeting requirements for social distancing and general welfare. Clearly people having to stand and wait outside is suboptimal. The SSI Energy/Texo modular Coronavirus screening centre provides a truly flexible solution for facilities where essential workers need to come and go.”

Texo Accommodation, through its land-based modular division, can now deliver flexible office and welfare space, test centres, hand washrooms and sanitary units to workplaces and public facilities across the UK.

Modular office and welfare space (locker rooms or canteen space), as well sanitary facilities with toilets, offer organisations the opportunity provide sufficient social distancing space on a flexible and temporary basis, particularly for organisations providing essential services. Space for handwashing before entry to or departure from premises also ensures increased care is provided for all visitors or attendees.

To discuss requirements, contact:

Dave Thompson, Business Development Manager, SSI Energy

Richard Lamb, Managing Director, Texo Accommodation

About Texo Accommodation
Texo Accommodation has significant experience of providing bespoke modular units for a variety of uses across range of industrial sectors including offshore energy, aviation and construction.
Texo Group ( with sister company Texo DSI, offers a multi-disciplined integrated asset management service to a range of industrial sectors. The fast-growing group has integrated a series of recent acquisitions, bringing in leadership with decades of experience to form its core divisions, including: Accommodation, Engineering, Fabrication, Integrity + and Resources, alongside Texo DSI.

About ELA Container GmbH
With 850 employees, over 45 years of experience and a global presence, ELA Container is the specialist when it comes to providing mobile room solutions in the form of containers.
ELA can quickly respond to last-minute enquiries with over 30,000 lettable containers in stock, in a wide range of designs and with diverse accessories.
ELA can also manufacture special containers for permanent use.
Expert service throughout, from planning, delivery and assembly to removal, is just as natural as the quality hallmark ‘Made in Germany’.
As a second-generation family business, ELA attaches great importance to proximity to customers.



SSI Medic

SSI Medic Provides Remote Medical Support for the British Antarctic Survey

SSI Group has been responsible for the deployment of emergency personnel to some of the most hostile and challenging locations around the world. With a roster of highly qualified, field experienced medics, SSI Group continues to support operations on and offshore during this period of international uncertainty.

Prior to the UK Government’s imposed lockdown, seasoned SSI medic Jon Porter embarked RRS Discovery from the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton on a 7-week research exploration supporting the British Antarctic Survey.

His primary task; carrying out offshore medical support for the 47 crew, technicians and scientists onboard .

SSI medic view
A typical view for SSI onboard medics

To conduct scientific operations , the ship travelled south as far as possible ultimately reaching 64º South , crossing nothing but ocean. Operating in such a remote and challenging environment, having a medic onboard is deemed essential due to the complete lack of readily available outside medical support.  For Jon, who is a former Royal Marines Commando and highly experienced operating under unforgiving situations, the risk profile was high but manageable.

The duty of the offshore medic is to provide prolonged care and the best possible management of patients for as long as possible until they can be extracted by helicopter or Royal Navy Vessels with qualified doctors onboard. Fortunately, on this expedition, no such operation was required.

As the scientists onboard deployed scientific sampling  equipment beyond depths of 6000m,  Jon’s time was spent training other personnel in basic and more advanced first aid techniques and exposing them them to aspects of remote medical care that were new to them  As a medic with a diverse set of skills, Jon had to allocate time too to younger personnel experiencing severe sea sickness as well as attending to one minor head injury. Jon also had to monitor the Covid-19 situation closely, keeping an eye on all personnel and making sure everyone onboard was up to date with best practices at the time.

SSI whales
Whales spotted en route

This was another routine expedition for Jon who has operated as a medic under some of the most hostile and dangerous conditions one could expect of a former Royal Marines medic with 21 years of service. After leaving the Corp, Jon went into maritime anti-piracy, looking after ships as they travelled through waters at risk of Somalia pirates, then going on to onshore tasks providing close protection services in places like Kabul.

The RRS Discovery NOC task provided Jon with moments of consideration and appreciation too, where he was able to pay tribute to the fallen at the Royal Marines War Memorial in the Falkland Islands as well as witness whales and dolphins swimming off of South Georgia.

SSI falklands memorial
The Memorial for Royal Marines who served in and around the Falkland Islands

The NOC task and Jon’s successful management of onboard personnel’s health is another example of SSI’s capability to optimise operations for clients in far reaching locations. For more information on how you can access highly valuable medics like Jon Porter, get in touch with us here.