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SSI Partners with Source BioScience to Offer RT-PCR Swab Testing in Fight Against Covid-19

In our efforts to help mitigate the devastating effects of the Covid-19 virus, we have partnered with Source BioScience to offer RT-PCR swab testing for global energy companies.

The carefully designed RT-PCR testing procedure has been developed to help mitigate the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus to personnel onsite and operations offshore. The test identifies if a person has the Covid-19 virus and as well as being 99.9% accurate, it carries the CE IVD mark.

The RT-PCR testing procedure is comprehensive and carried out by experienced health care professionals. A routine procedure will involve RT-PCR testing at an onshore location prior to any personnel’s deployment offshore. A registered Health Care Professional (HCP), typically a nurse, is stationed to take a swab from personnel in a designated testing room at staggered intervals.

Once the testing is complete, the swab samples are transported to the Source BioScience laboratory in Nottingham and in turn processed, with results becoming available within 24 hours of arrival. The results are then communicated via an online portal, further encrypted and issued to the company point of contact for further dissemination.

On the partnership, our Director Jules Rawles explains how ‘working with such a highly accredited state of the art laboratory and one that provides RT-PCR testing services to the NHS is a great way to help combat the spread of Covid-19. We are grateful for the opportunity to assist in mitigating the damaging effects of the virus.”

The testing is conducted from Source BioScience’s highly accredited ISO:15189:2012 laboratory that is Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered. Source BioScience are an international provider of integrated state of the art laboratory services and products for the RT-PCR test.

Alongside our Clinical Governance provided by Dr Paddy Morgan (Emergency Doctor of the Year 2018) and Paul Savage (OBE), the testing is a suitable way to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus and potentially causing costly disruptions to operations on and offshore.

As part of a comprehensive range of COVID-19 medical services, we have recently formed a strategic partnership with Texo Accommodation, part of Texo Group of companies, to deliver modular Coronavirus screening and testing stations in the UK. The range of flexible, modular buildings which offer high-quality, rapidly deployed welfare facilities can be quickly deployed to locations including ports and heliports.

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ssi heli

SSI Energy partner with CHC to offer turnkey Covid-19 solutions for the offshore industry

The partnership has been launched in response to the energy industry’s requirements during the Covid-19 crisis. SSI Energy, a leading provider of medical and technical personnel to the energy industry, have partnered with CHC, a global helicopter service company specialising in providing travel to remote and challenging locations.

The North Sea platforms provide a bleak and isolated work environment at the best of times but the additional threat that Covid-19 brings has seen the operations around personnel safety intensify.

The prevention of Covid-19 reaching the platforms in the North Sea is critical for operations to continue. The SSI-Energy/CHC partnership offers operators a collaborative turnkey solution to mitigate this risk. Screening centres, employing specialist SSI Energy medics, were quickly set up at airports to reduce the chance of transmitting the disease offshore. Simultaneously, work was undertaken to address a worse-case scenario – Covid-19 being present on a platform, rig or vessel. CHC provided specialist Covid-19-adapted helicopters that could pick up infected personnel and bring them back to shore. This operation is supported by SSI Energy medics who accompany the helicopter to ensure any Covid-19 patients are given the best possible care.

SSI Energy’s Medical Director, Paddy Morgan, and his clinical governance team have scrutinised procedures to ensure that offshore personnel can receive the best medical care available at a moment’s notice. An SSI Energy medic can be mobilised via CHC’s Covid-19 helicopter in under an hour, reaching the suspected case no more than three hours from the initial call.

“The safety and health of operatives working in the offshore industry is of paramount importance. SSI Energy have been forward thinking enough to realise that the key to flexible, professional and cutting-edge medical services has been to engage a suitably qualified and medically current Clinical Governance team to make sure that all medical aspects of any tasking are appropriate and timely. This enables us to offer a high level of care to our patients and maximum protection for any of the SSI Energy Medics on tasking. These in harmony assist overall performance and delivery of bespoke medical solutions like the CHC partnership.”

CHC and SSI have mirrored this partnership operation in Aberdeen, following its successful set up in Norwich. Lee James, Deputy General Operations Manager at CHC explained;

‘We quickly recognised that the virus could have a significant impact on our customers’ operations. CHC developed a helicopter solution providing a dedicated aircraft and crew assigned to the recovery of suspected COVID-19 passengers, including, when requested, a fully qualified on-board medic. The service has been welcomed by our customers, allowing normal operations to be maintained whilst ensuring affected passengers are quickly and safely flown back to base.’

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