SSI x World Pipelines Extreme

SSI RM is Featured in the May Edition of World Pipelines Extreme Magazine

The risk management arm of our business has been featured in the latest edition of World Pipelines Extreme where our Managing Director, Jules Rawles outlines five steps to ensure safe and successful operations in high risk and austere locations.

In the article, Jules provides a deep dive into the risk management process and how it applies to the pipelines industry.

You can read the whole feature by clicking the link here:

ssi suboptic webinar

SSI Energy Presents on SubOptic’s Navigating Covid-19 Webinar

On the 20th May 2020, SSI Energy Managing Director Duncan Higham and SSI Medical Director Dr. Paddy Morgan, presented on the SubOptic Spotlight series that has been launched to deliver 60 minute segments covering the latest trends, news and challenges being faced by the submarine telecoms industry.

In this particular episode: Navigating Covid-19: Keeping our subsea networks running in a time of crisis, key topics were covered including operational challenges for vessel owners, general health implications, Covid-19 screening, PPE for offshore operations and much more.

A selection of key moments from the webinar can be viewed below:

In this video, our Managing Director, Duncan Higham, discusses the work SSI Energy has been doing during the Covid-19 crisis to help mitigate the spread of the virus to vessels offshore.

Meet Dr. Paddy Morgan, SSI Energy’s Medical Director. Dr. Morgan has been instrumental in SSI’s work combating the spread of Covid-19. In this video, Dr. Morgan discusses: 1) Covid-19 symptoms 2) Why the virus is so infectious 3) Trends following lockdowns 4) How to protect your business and much more.

SSI Energy Managing Director, Duncan Higham, talks about the challenges faced for National Critical Infrastructure workers during the Coronavirus pandemic in this clip from the SubOptic webinar.

In this selected excerpt, Dr. Paddy Morgan talks about how Covid-19 has and will change industries and how professionals will communicate going forward.

What are the risks and how can they be mitigated? In this clip, SSI Medical Director Dr. Paddy Morgan talks about how companies and professionals operating offshore can take the necessary steps to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

For more information about our presentation on the latest SubOptic Forum or to arrange a similar event, please contact us here.