Keeping your staff safe and your operations running.

The Golden Hour

The ‘Golden Hour’ has long been seen as the critical period during which definitive medical care should be carried out – to save life and maximise the chance of a full recovery.

Medical research based upon British forces’ experience in Afghanistan and Iraq reinforced the knowledge that medical care brought as far forward as possible – to be on site within minutes from the point of injury, saves life and limb. It is this ethos that SSI Energy’s MERT is built on.

SSI Energy’s MERTs are trained not just in trauma. The incident logs from offshore companies highlight that medical emergencies such as strokes, heart attacks, anaphylactic shock etc. account for as many emergencies as accidents. Incidents that would be routine, either medical or trauma, because of the offshore location can swiftly become emergencies if appropriate care is not swiftly administered.

SSI Energy’s MERTs keep your operators safe, able to operate with the confidence that their wellbeing is at the heart of their company’s operational plan.