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Managing a crisis: Covid-19 and the threat to Critical National Infrastructure

In the midst of uncertainty and significant risk to people’s health, it is clear that the need for robust and accurate screening and testing of Covid-19 is needed now more than ever.

The social and health implications of Covid-19 have already been well documented. However, what still remains largely unclear, is how badly our Critical National Infrastructure and supply chain is going to suffer and what measures can be put in place to preserve it, especially offshore.

It is imperative that workers involved in the energy industry are supported in their efforts to keep operations running. These are the personnel who will keep the lights on in homes across the country and heating in the homes of those who really need it. At this time, certain industries have a particular responsibility to keep operating.

Offshore activities need to continue, and staff need to be able to operate effectively in an environment with varying information and protocols. Vessels, for example, must pay particular attention to all personnel on the pre-embarkation and embarkation stage of deployment. Any personnel suspected with the virus must be dealt with effectively and sympathetically; human resources staff must have systems in place to ensure the wellbeing of all involved is catered for.

According to Jules Rawles, Director at specialist medical support company, SSI Energy, there are three core ways companies can help mitigate the effects of Covid-19 for their offshore personnel:

#1 Implement Robust Screening Measures

These can be instigated at reception centres, ports, and heliports. Key data can be obtained by carrying out assessments on paper such as detailed questionnaires and taking temperatures using a non-contact thermometer. If any personnel display symptoms under screening or assessments are indicative of an increased risk, they will be advised to self-isolate for 7 – 14 days, as per the Government’s current advice.

#2 Covid-19 Rapid Testing

The next layer of mitigation can be conducted using a Covid-19 Rapid testing kit. This testing kit is particularly useful for the testing of personnel based offshore and must be conducted by a registered Health Care Professional.

The Covid-19 Rapid testing kit detects IgG and IgM antibodies and can assist in determining whether the person has Covid-19 or not. The kit gives a positive or negative result in just 10 minutes and is used as an in vitro diagnostic tool to precede precautionary measures that will need to be put in place to manage the spread of the virus.

#3 Strategic Advice

Determining a suitable course of action for mitigating the effects of COVID-19, requires the expert advice and strategic management of a qualified medical professional. Having an experienced medical professional to advise senior management and board members as to what the future may look like, is important for business continuity and the future.

For more information about Covid-19 screening, testing and advice, go to our dedicated Covid-19 information page.


SSI Energy hovercraft project

Peru Hovercraft Project

Showing the diversity of SSI Energy, we are currently providing a former Royal Marines hovercraft instructor for Peru Government trials and training. This is the second task for this client, the first being in Lagos, Nigeria for trials and instruction with the Nigerian Navy. 

SSI Energy hovercraft project checks

Preflight checks of the Underskirt

SSI Energy deployed a hovercraft pilot to Peru on the 3rd December to carry out trials, a capability demonstration and driver (pilot) training on a Griffon Hoverworks 995 hovercraft. The hovercraft was shipped from the UK and unloaded in Peru, our pilot instructor helped unload and then assemble the hovercraft on site. Our Instructor is not only the Pilot but also maintains the hovercraft during the project.  The project is a Peru Government sponsored outreach mission for local communities and due to last for the next 10 days in the Nueva Vida region. 

To see the hovercraft in action, click here.

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SSI Appointed to IPLOCA HSE Committee

On 28th October 2019, SSI Group was appointed to sit on the IPLOCA HSE Committee to provide specialist risk management and medical safety support to the Board and its members.


Further to SSI and IPLOCAs signing of a five-year Alliance Agreement in July this year, SSI RM will now provide risk management information and medical insight to IPLOCA members free of charge. As an association made up of over 250 members, SSI Group will be providing a highly valuable service that will assist a number of pipeline related companies.


IPLOCA is an association that provides members with a platform to share ideas, network and build business relationships within the onshore and offshore pipeline construction industries.


As part of the strengthening ties between IPLOCA and SSI Group, a new portal has been launched, providing members with access to Country/City Briefs for the 20 most travelled to industry hotspots. This portal is exclusive for IPLOCA members and will be updated every 30 days to ensure that all Country/City Briefs provide the necessary information required to carry out global projects safely.


SSI Group will also provide the Board with a bespoke Country/City Brief for any location that the Board plans to visit as well as fulfil requests from members that require risk management information for other unlisted areas.


On the launch of the portal, SSI Group Director Jules Rawles explains that “the Briefs provide a detailed analysis of the risk profile of some of the most frequently travelled to industry locations. They provide contractors with vital risk management information needed to carry out safe and successful projects overseas.”


SSI Group provides both risk management and emergency response medical services to the global energy industry. With experience operating in some of the most volatile areas in the world, more information on the company and how SSI Group can facilitate your next project can be found at and

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SSI RM Signs 5 Year Alliance Agreement with IPLOCA

On 24thJuly 2019, SSI RM signed a five-year Alliance Agreement with IPLOCA, becoming an Allied Institution in conjunction with sitting on the IPLOCA HSE committee.

IPLOCA is an association made up of over 250 members that provides a platform to share ideas, network and build business relationships within the onshore and offshore pipeline construction industries. SSI RM, our specialist security branch, is a risk management consultancy that delivers high level security and risk mitigation services to the offshore and onshore industries. The Alliance Agreement enables SSI RM to continue to develop its presence in the international pipeline sector as well as contribute significant specialist insights to all IPLOCA members. 

SSI RM will provide a range of different services to the association and its members including bespoke Country Briefs as well as City Reports, that provide detailed data regarding the security and risk profile of over 70 global locations. In addition, SSI RM will provide Post-incident Reports as well as host an IPLOCA Portal where a complete library of SSI RM Country Briefs can be accessed. Furthermore, SSI Energy will provide medical risk management advice and services to IPLOCA members.

On the Alliance, director Jules Rawles described the partnership as “exciting, considering SSI Group’s recent successes in the provision of security and medical services to construction projects in high risk territories”. When asked to comment further, Rawles explained that “SSI RM’s mission behind the Alliance is to support all IPLOCA members in their objective to improve the safety of personnel working in higher risk regions of the world as well as contribute subject matter expertise in medical and risk management requirements”.

For more information on the Alliance and the services SSI RM provide, go to the SSI RM website at