Keeping your staff safe and your operations running.


SSI Energy takes the health of its operators and technicians seriously, recognising that they will have to work in the great outdoors and may be called upon to carry out arduous operations. Their physical fitness is assessed but also their psychological well-being is closely monitored to ensure they are operating at 110% even when away from their family supporting our clients in remote locations.


SSI Energy is committed to the safety of its employees and its clients and is compliant with OHSAS 18001. Indeed it is part of our core business and everything we do starts with safety. This philosophy is driven through the company by the directors and is looked for and must be identified in every person that joins the SSI Energy team.

SSI Energy’s safety record is exemplary. In 2015 SSI Energy’s LTIFR was 0 in 156,456 hours. In 2014, 0 in 149,808 hours.


SSI Energy takes the environment and its impact on it with gravitas, indeed working in the renewable industry and the positive effect that wind energy is having and more importantly will have on reducing climate change is one of the reasons that SSI Energy was first attracted to working in this sector. SSI Energy is committed to working with its clients to ensure its philosophy of promoting a green culture at work is spread throughout its business.

All SSI Energy operations are accredited certified to ISO 14001.


SSI Energy prides itself on the quality of its service. We have survey reports on every task we have completed, going right back to the start of the company, both at the commercial and the operational level and we are constantly looking at ways we can improve our service – and drive down the cost.

SSI Energy is accredited certified to ISO 9001.

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