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SSI Energy provides registered doctors, paramedics and nurses to the offshore industry. SSI Energy’s personnel have all had to go through its rigorous selection process ensuring that they are up to the challenge of working offshore, often in remote locations with a considerable time lag between when they may receive additional assistance. Selected for their proven experience as well as being able to operate in isolation, it is also vital that they can fit into the offshore team; often this will involve them fulfilling a vital non-medical role in addition to their medical duties. SSI Energy recognises that its personnel must represent value for money to its clients and always looks to how it can improve the worth its client’s place in its services. This is where SSI Energy’s fresh approach has helped win over clients from old fashioned medic providers.

SSI Energy’s medics not only provide the emergency service at its remote locations, they also fulfil the function of occupational health & wellbeing. This typically ranges from conducting work place assessments to prevent conditions including work place stress, back injuries and potential hearing problems – all of which can have a significant impact on the person, but also a financial impact down the line to the client. SSI Energy’s medics are often ex-servicemen and they bring that robustness and enthusiasm that the military are renowned for into their offshore lives. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle to include diet and exercise is important in the confined space of a rig or jack up vessel and neglect of this aspect of people’s lives can be detrimental to their mental health and productivity.

As with all SSI Energy’s medics, the telemedic support provided by an extensive range of topside specialist doctors ensures that although our medics may be physically isolated, they are never having to operate alone.

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