Central to SSIE’s direction and growth is an uncompromising approach in gaining the credibility of becoming recognised as a discerning, professionally adept and reliable medical services provider that existing and future clients are and will be confident in turning to for the provision of its services. In establishing and then building this trust, SSIE has identified six pillars, which individually and collectively represent the essential strategic drivers, which underpin the delivery of SSIE’s vision and ultimately the quality of its medical service provision.

The Team

Management – created from the outset, drawing individuals with extensive experience in both onshore and offshore operations within the commercial and military sectors.


Applying the utmost scrutiny and transparency across every aspect of the business through a combination of internal and external oversight and reviews.


Allowing the client to influence the services without the liability, providing the best possible tools to protect their people.


SSIE has chosen from the outset to follow a path of strict regulatory adherence, embracing the comprehensive direction set out in ISO 9001, BS OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14001. SSIE is also MLC compliant.


Fully committed to ensuring legal compliance across the full spectrum of SSIE operational and commercial activities.


Applying the key principles of logistics: Foresight, Efficiency, Simplicity, Cooperation and Agility that guarantees the delivery of SSIE’s medical service provision at the right place, at the right time, to the right standards.


Our Mission is to provide service solutions to enhance our clients’ operations, keeping their people safe. We aim to be the most valued business partner to all our clients.